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From initial sketches and renderings, to material samples and finish swatches, we will work with you to realize your dream design.


From sourcing of our wood, metal, upholstery, to the final construction, all processes are certified and compliant with industry standards.


With complete In-house manufacturing, fast delivery times and efficient quality management systems, we are able to deliver quality final products.

Packaging & Shipment

Packaging as per all international standards and buyer requiremenst. Drop and package testing with custom labels ensure safe and seamless shipping.

Company 360 View

Standards & Compliances

Environmental Responsibility

Working proactively towards maintaining balance between ecosystem and economy

Social welfare

Commitment to social accountability and treating employees ethically, in compliance with global standards

Secure Supply chain

Ensuring all our infrastructure and IT systems are safely secured by shipping process security standards for maintaining global supply chain

Our aim is to build furniture by maintaining a balance between ecosystem and social responsibility so that the buyer gets a secure supply chain